Welcome to the new "darkside.nwff.info" (and now AKA - dsriders.info). We are revamping the site and updating the database - Our new data submission forms are now online! 

Darkside tires

Hello Bikers (that is, all who ride motorcycles!)

I am the new owner/admin of the “DarkSide” information website historically located at darkside.nwff.info. This has been a great source for tire size info (for stock and DS alike) for many years. (a big shout out to Mike (Dragonbird)).

As the new owner/admin, I want to continue what was started here and expand on it. The site needs some new/updated info on newer model bikes and tire sizes. This is not intended to take away from any blog or group, it is intended to be what it has always been; a database resource that we can help the biker community make informed decisions about putting tires on their bikes. You know, get information and then make adult decisions on how we want to ride our bikes. You get it!

I have redesigned the site and put it on a new, more responsive database platform that is easier to read. The old site domain address (darkside.nwff.info) still works (and will continue to work), but the new address is http://dsriders.info. Make a note and change it on your blog sites, if you would; please!

Now, I need your help! As this is a community driven database, I need you, the community, to start (or continure) sharing information with us, so we can share it with the larger biker community. We don’t care what you ride, we just want to know the “shoe size” of what you're riding!

Not a “Darksider” but still a biker? Great! We love bikes and bikers and the website has information for DSRiders and Non-Dsriders alike. We want to gather as much info on bike makes/models and tires sizes as we can. As a lifetime biker, it is nice to have a simple resource that answers the simple question of “what size tires does my “new bike take?" We want the best community driven aggregate site we can. The only way for us to do that is for YOU to participate! So, help a "Brother" or "Sister" out and share your info with us! 

We have the forms online now! The Tire data form is for those of you who have DS experience and the form will also allow those of you that just want to share what stock tires you have (which we really want to have too) to submit that. All information is welcome and we look forward to working with you, the biker community.

We want to hear from you. Go here and tell us what you think so far and what you would like to see on the site moving forward.

Thanks for coming and make sure you drop a note if you have been here. 

DsRiders - Dan

We want to thank the Vicking Group for donating a prize for our recent charity ride. 

Check them out by clicking on the links below!

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