Welcome to the new "darkside.nwff.info" (and now AKA - dsriders.info). We are revamping the site and updating the database - Our new data submission forms are now online! 

Safty is always a concern when riding a motorcyle, add to that the fact there is, and I think always will be, a debate about riding DS. With that in mind, just slapping a car tire on your bike, without doing your due diligence could lead to disaster. We do not advicate riding the darkside (nor do we discourage it), we think that adults should make and be responsible for their own decesions. With that in mind, we simply want to be a source of information for those that choose to ride the darkside (or not). Because information is better than ignorance, and an informed decesion is better than the alternative, we want to help provide you with the best information (that we can find) from around the web and from the indiviguals that have actually had experence with riding DS.   

Below are some links to sites that are both pro-darkside and not-so-much. Understanding both sides of the agrument allows you evaluate if the darkside is for you. 

Sites that looks at both sides: (Good articles that really take a look at the discussion)

https://www.haulnride.com/the-dark-side-the-love-of-car-tires-on-motorcycles (has cut-aways of bead on rim of both DS and CT)


Sites that are Pro-DS

https://www.roadandtrack.com/car-culture/a8606/why-so-called-darksiders-prefer-auto-tires-on-their-motorcycles/ - (Really looks at modern tire technology)

 http://forums.delphiforums.com/DarkSiding/start (The go to forum for all things DS)

https://www.facebook.com/groups/rollindarkside/ (A good resource on Facebook)

Sites that are Not-So-Much Pro-DS